Conductor. Composer.

Prof. Wolfgang Kurz

Press Review

„Wolfgang Kurz held his young ensemble together thanks to demanding and enlivening gestures, which brought all the accents precisely together, which is a feature of the superbly funny, Bohemian influenced Dvořák-Suite.

Main-Echo, Aschaffenburg

„...a challenge for a musician like Wolfgang Kurz, who always understands how to lead his singers and instrumentalists to perform at their limits in the service of the work...“ (Dvořák, Stabat Mater)

Tauber-Zeitung, Bad Mergentheim

„...let Kurz perform with much humour from his musicians bursting with energy.“   (Mozart, Linzer Sinfonie)

Main-Echo, Miltenberg

„...Kurz discovers more feeling, more emphasis, gave the sound more body, and appropriately shaped the conflicting rhythms. He not only lets the violins in their expressive high register shine, the cello lines sonorously sing and the wind section ecstatically exult at the end, but also he had appreciation for overcrowding and for drama...Here reigned a purposeful and dynamic will.“   (Brahms, 2. Sinfonie)

Ansbacher Landeszeitung

„...and Wolfgang Kurz has already many times proved that he is a genius and more-than-competent Bach interpreter.“ (Bach, Weihnachtsoratorium)

Fränkische Nachrichten, Bad Mergentheim

„...Even his most recent performance with the Mergentheim Chamber Choir and Würzburg Chamber Orchestra showed his eminent capability once again to form a cohesive and homogenous sound from musicians with very different requirements.“ (Händel, Acis und Galatea)

Tauberzeitung, Bad Mergentheim

„...Edvard Grieg’s orchestration of the Lyric Pieces was very successful under the baton of Wolfgang Kurz. Facinating aural charms with many voices and shades inspired. The musicians from Würzburg played exceptionally colourfully.“

Echo am Sonntag, Künzelsau

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